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Thank you for purchasing the iMagnet Mount product, the premier choice for all of your mounting needs. It is our pleasure to offer a one-year warranty for all iMagnet Mount products. It is important to note that any iMagnet warranty is valid only on purchases made by residents of the U.S.A. for one-year. Please submit your registration for the product warranty on the right side:


Do not mount this product directly above hazardous objects.
Do not mount this product on the ceiling or other high locations that will cause the dismounted device to fall a long distance.
Do not mount this product directly above your head or at a location that may fall on an individual
Do not mount this product directly above any dangerous objects in a kitchen (e.g. knives, water, glassware etc.)
Do not mount this product in a manner where improper usage of the product may cause injuries to you or others around you.
Do not mount this product in areas where it will affect driving abilities, or block road vision.
Do not mount this product in front of airbag areas inside a vehicle.
Do not use this product while operating a vehicle.
Do not leave this product under direct sunlight and/or around heat sources that may exceed 120°F (50°C).
Do not leave the iMagnet Mount mounted on a surface for more than 24 hours.

Please remember to dry the iMagnet Mount suction cup thoroughly before installing onto any surface. Water droplets tend to weaken the ability of the suction cup to maintain its grip on the surface.

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