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The iMagnet Mount for Tablets has been discontinued.


Q.   Will the magnets affect my smartphone?

A.    We have tested the iMagnet Mount with various smartphones in the market and have not seen any noticeable impact on the functionality of the devices we listed in the Compatible Device list. The reason there is no impact is because most smartphones do not use spinning hard drives that are sensitive to magnetism.


Q.   What surfaces can I stick the iMagnet Mount suction cup on?

A.    The iMagnet Mount is only suitable for non-porous surfaces, such as glass, ceramic tiles, polished stone, heavily lacquered wood, and smooth plastic. We do not recommend mounting on lightly lacquered wood, walls, granite, and other non-porous surfaces that allow air to seep into the suction when mounted.

We recommend that you test the mount on a surface by mounting the iMagnet Mount for a few hours at a low height before proper usage.

Please remember to dry the iMagnet Mount suction cup thoroughly before installing onto any surface. Water droplets tend to weaken the ability of the suction cup to maintain its grip on the surface.


Q. Should I stick the Metallic Plate directly on my smartphone?

A. We DO NOT recommend this method of installation and iMagnet is NOT responsible for any damages resulting from this type of use. Ideally stick the Metallic Plate on a phone cover or a transparent phone protector you can purchase and stick on the back of your phone.


Q. Is my smartphone compatible to use with the iMagnet?

A. Please find the full, updated list of smartphones that are compatible for use here


Q.   Will my mounted device fall off unexpectedly?

A.    The magnetic force used by iMagnet is sufficient to firmly hold your device during regular use. However, please be aware of the following:

Do not mount this product directly above hazardous objects.

Do not mount this product on the ceiling or other high locations that will cause the dismounted device to fall a long distance.

Do not mount this product directly above your head or at a location that may fall on an individual

Do not mount this product directly above any dangerous objects in a kitchen (e.g. knives, water, glassware etc.)

Do not mount this product in a manner where improper usage of the product may cause injuries to you or others around you.

Do not mount this product in areas where it will affect driving abilities, or block road vision.

Do not mount this product in front of airbag areas inside a vehicle.

Do not use this product while operating a vehicle.

Do not leave this product under direct sunlight and/or around heat sources that may exceed 120°F (50°C).

Do not leave the iMagnet Mount mounted on a surface for more than 24 hours.


Q.   How much does shipping cost and how long does it take to receive my iMagnet Mount?

A.    Our products are sold exclusively on Amazon and they will handle and answer all of your shipping inquiries.


Q.   Can I install this mount on my curved dashboard?

A.    iMagnet uses a 3M Silicone Suction Cup to ensure your mount is fully secured in place, even on hard to mount surfaces that traditional suction cups cannot secure onto. Some dashboards are a plastic mesh that allows air to flow through, please test the iMagnet Mount on the dashboard before using. Otherwise installing the mount in on the windshield is another alternative. Please make sure you do not install the iMagnet Mount on the windshield that obstructs road vision or operation of any mechanical, moving machinery.


Q. I cannot use my smartphone compass when the device is mounted, how do I resolve this?

A. We have seen some phones that have a compass experience minimal interference when mounted onto iMagnet Mount, but this can be resolved by removing the device from the iMagnet Mount and waving it in a figure-eight in the air to reset the compass. Make sure your mount is not in contact with the top portion of the electronic device, as this is where most electronic compasses reside in mobile devices.


Magnet research info

The iMagnet mount contains magnetic components that are safe to be used in conjunction with your device. As stated at Macworld (January 12, 2012): “… magnet-based accessories are safe to use with smartphones and pose no threat of scrambling interior electronics”…(Read full article…)


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