About Us

Who we are….


Here at iMagnet, we import the best and most advanced gadgets from Japan. We then tweak them to add the ‘American touch’ before unveiling these stunning gadgets to the demanding American consumers like you whom have high expectation of quality and performance.


Our Goal


Since our debut, thousands of users have praised our products and recommended them to their friends and family. This is our company goal and we will continue to provide low-cost products for you to share with everyone.

We defy the laws of economics – attractive prices do NOT necessarily mean it’s not good! Save your money so you can spend more on your loved ones. Happy shopping!


Customer Service Support


We have a dedicated customer service team who will your questions by email or visit our support page. We promise to respond to your email within 24 hours.


We would love to hear your feedback and comments so we can continuously strive to improve our service and products to serve you better.